Alexander Thomson

The statistics on this wesite are based on scorebook entries. Every effort has been made to identify all scorebooks, but in some instances scorebooks have not been found. As a result, please be aware of the following limitations:-

  • Not all finals matches from 1951/52 to 1989/90 have been recorded (Churches association only kept records of home & away matches).
  • Partnerships and catches/stumpings are not recorded from 1951/52 to 1989/90.
  • Stumpings are not recorded from 1990/91 to 2000/01.
  • Due to missing scorebooks, some matches from 1990/91 to 2000/01 have not been recorded. However, during this period only summary details of all players (by grade) and highest wicket partnerships were recorded. These summary details are only included in web pages marked with an asterix (*) on the dropdown menus and also the links below.

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