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Live Stream

Live Stream

Take your match to the next level! CricClubs experienced production crew will help seamlessly live stream your matches with multiple cameras and 20+ overlay graphics. The live video can be broadcasted to FB/Youtube/website or any broadcasting channel of your choice.

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Live Control

Take live streaming to the next level! Don't want your fans to miss a single moment of your match? Intimate them of the live streaming facility where they can watch their favourite matches without any interruption. And what's even better? You can control your live stream graphic via the CricClubs app. Pause, and play anytime you want and you don't have to worry about missing any moment from the matches you are watching.

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Don't all cricket fans wish to see more insights of the match as it is going on? Every fan would love to check out the team lineup, scores, match stats, bowling and batting figures of the players. And that's made totally possible with the comprehensive graphic overlay package with CricClubs. Embed all the little details like statistics, batting scores and bowling figures within your live stream; this sure will get your fans to get super interested in the match they watch. Moreover it is a one time easy setup process.

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Social Stream

Wish to share the live stream with your players, fans and followers elsewhere? Then worry not. With the live streaming technology of CricClubs, not only can you stream your matches on the website and the mobile app but you can also easily share the live stream of your match on your Facebook pages/groups and even on YouTube or any broadcasting channel. So if fans cannot check out the match on the app or the website, they will definitely check it on these social platforms.

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Want your fans to catch the live stream of your match on the official team website? We will help you with that. Easily embed your live stream of the match onto the team website and app along with all the graphic elements like scoreboard, ball by ball updates and the complete stats and analytics over the course of the match.

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When you embed the live stream match you can also integrate your video clips with a ball-by-ball scorecard update. So if your fans are unable to catch the live stream of the match at that moment, they can also catch the ball-by-ball update; this ensures they don't miss a single moment of the match.

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Post Production

Once the live stream of your match is done, you can always retain it on your site and give it some extra life with our post production package for the video highlights. Add the scorecard, batsmen figures, bowler figures, the number of overs remaining and many more details to give your video a professional feel to it. You can also add the views, likes/dislikes counters and comments to the video, so fans and followers can share their thoughts post the match.

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